5 Cringe-Worthy Games You Should Never Download

There is a fine line between humor and hysteria and every single one of these games fall into the latter. Not entirely sure how someone came up with such bizarre ideas for app games but props to them for giving it a go.

IFart- Fire in the Hole:

If you find “Puff Daddy” farts to be hysterical than you were probably the reason the game was created. You pay one dollar to experience the revolting sounds of farts without the stench. Personally, that sort of app repulses me and yes I do have a sense of humor when it comes to whoopie cushions, but to pay for a range of different farts is embarrassing. When and where would it be a good time for that app to go off? Refrain from your immature ways and just let one rip if you want to get a real kick out of it.

Baby Shaker:

In what way is this game legal in any way? How about you sweet to the virtual baby and feed it and burp it instead? There have to be alternative anger management games than shaking an innocent baby for god’s sake. Not only does the baby stop crying when you shake it, but then two X’s appear over its eyes, appearing dead. Congratulations you’ve killed multiple babies today and almost cracked your phone in the process.


Now don’t go and get your panties in a bunch.. don’t because even though you want to be unzipping someone’s pants, this app is the furthest thing from satisfying. You zip and unzip pants and decide what color the underwear gets to be. That’s about it. If that sort of stuff turns you on then so be it, as long as it stays in the free section.


Unless you’re going to get a Bachelors Degree in stapling I highly recommend saving your finger strength and storage by not downloading this sad excuse for a game. A tacky stapler keeps track of how many times you’ve stapled absolutely nothing. If you’ve reached that point of boredom, seek help immediately.


That exciting part of your birthday where you blow out your candles? Well, your phone will take all the credit now because it will blow them for you. No need to waste your breath on such petty things when you can pay a dollar for your phone to do it for you. Seriously, you’ve taken ‘saving your breath’ to the next level and should probably take yourself off that pedestal and blow some candles out because it’s exhilarating!

These games are so ridiculous that you’re tempted to download them just to try it out and get a good kick out of it. Don’t worry; I’m tempted too, but that’s how they get you, by making them so absurd.
If you’re ever having a bad day, just remember that someone not only spent time creating these games but people are paying for them.

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