5 Drinking Games to Get a Party Started

There always seems to be a certain point at a party where all of a sudden it has been kicked up a few notches. But far too often this switch in levels comes too late, or not at all. People are merely sitting around on their cell phones sipping beer, a few girls are in the corner gossiping and a group of guys is talking about who out of the girls could “get it.”

Make sure this isn’t the case at your party and get some all-inclusive, drinking games started to create that carefree, party vibe that we’ve all come to love.


Rage Cage

If getting people intoxicated as quickly as possible is the goal, then rage cage is just the game. It’s a quick-paced, beer-filled drinking game that has no limits on the number of participants, making it a great party game to include everyone.

Soon you’ll have people yelling and cheering each other on, creating an atmosphere that will only further the party vibe and induce more drinking.


King’s Cup

If you’re looking for a more mellow start to the party in order to simply get people acquainted and comfortable with one another, then King’s Cup is your go-to game. A single deck of cards and a beer each is all that’s needed to play, as you all sit in a circle and take turns drawing cards.

King’s Cup is a relaxed, slow-paced game that is easy to follow and creates tons of conversation amongst players. Maybe start with this game to get everyone situated and the move onto a more exciting game such as Rage Cage,



My personal favorite game, hockey is easy, fun and requires nothing but a beer each, a single quarter and a flat surface to play on. Hockey requires that all participants be closely situated in order to reach the table at a seconds notice, creating a sense of closeness and togetherness.

This game requires little skill and has proven to be fun for all ages, as long as you can take a quarter to the knuckles, possibly.


Civil War

Civil War is a drinking game much like Beer Pong, except it is 3v3 and each player has 3 cups in front of them. The rules are very similar to Beer Pong as well—shoot and try to make your opponent’s cups, if you do, then they drink—except for the fact that there is no shooting order and it is merely rapid fire.

You don’t have to wait for your opponents to finish shooting and as soon as you get a ball you can shoot it, as well as shoot multiple times in a row. It’s a quick-paced game that will have you running around everywhere trying to collect fleeting Ping-Pong balls as fast as possible.

Ay Governor

Easily the simplest, yet hardest game of the group, Ay Governor requires zero physical activity, but immense mental focus. A group of people and beer is all you need for this game, as well as the ability to count from 1-21.

This game is sure to get people excited and anxious all at the same time and get the mood going for a great night.

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