About Me

Hey guys, my name is Mason and three words to describe me would be outgoing, compassionate, and sympathetic. I am an aspiring interior designer in Los Angeles which is not easy I must say. Being an aspiring anything in LA is quite the hike up the hill. You come across a lot of obstacles that want to push you down and tug you around but you have to stay strong, keep your head high, and keep hiking that hill. If you follow your dreams and believe in yourself you can get to amazing places in your life even if they aren’t the places you expected. Good will always come out of self belief and that is one major lesson I have learned here in LA. Besides loving interior designing, I love soccer and doing anything that involves hanging out with my friends! I am definitely a person that loves being surrounded people rather than being alone. I can say that it has for sure made me very outgoing and extrinsic. Anyways, I hope learning a little about myself helped you out and that you enjoy my blog a little more!