5 Texting Games That Always Lead To Sexting

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Texting can get boring real fast and instead of calling it a night why not spice things up by instigating these games? Especially if you’re trying to get to know someone a little more and slyly hint that you’ve thought about them naked. Even if these games start off G-rated, you both know you’d rather be playing the R-rated version, dialing into their dark, kinky mind.

20 Questions:

This game is self-explanatory but doesn’t need to be dull, be as original and rousing as you can. The more explicit you make your questions, the more excited you will get for their answer and then their follow up question. Ask them things you’ve always wanted to know and try not to ask them the ask same question back. Slowly work your way into the more erotic questions and before you know it you’re going to be full on sexting.

Kill, Bang, Marry:

Usually, you’d want to start off with celebrities, so you don’t come off too aggressive and then work your way to a smaller circle of mutual friends, eventually leading to yourself. It’s a good game to see if you have shared tastes in actors but also what their type might be. If you’re more of a Blake Lively and they’re into Kim K’s, then we have a slight dilemma. If you’re hesitant on including one of your close mutual friends in the mix, in hopes they kill them and bang/marry you, I’d say go for it! It’s a silly game, and if they know what’s good for them, they will choose you to bang you to get the sexting party started!

Would You Rather:

Now this one can obviously get dirty real fast so get all of your kinkiest ideas ready and once you’ve crossed the sexual threshold, let them all out! Another good game to play when you’re getting to know someone better from spending the day hiking or at the beach to hair pulled or booty spanking. Find out any secret fetishes and preferences especially before you take the next step so you’re on the same page in the bedroom.

Never Have I Ever:

So you’re tempted to take things to the next level but intimidated by your lack of sexual experience. Don’t assume you’re the only person that’s never had a threesome, just use this game to figure out if they have and then go from there. Use this game to your advantage by showcasing all the cool things you’ve done but hinting at the things you wish you’ve done and could do with them.

Guess What Body Part:

This game is for the more confident and experienced texting game players that have already broken the sexual barrier a little. Make sure you’re playing with someone you trust if you’re getting imaginative with these pictures and go full out! Obviously, it’s going to be sexual but make sure you throw some funny ones in there like your ear to get a good laugh out of it. Nothing turns someone on more than a sense of humor. ┬áThis post is sponsored by sextlocal.com – the world’s #1 free sexting app.

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